The first typical tax service for a new individual client is tax preparation of year 2017 federal and state returns. KRUPP is Certified Public Accounting firm owned and operated by CPAs and other qualified professionals . At KRUPP, we have many years of experience of compiling and preparing various returns and have served clients nationwide. We E-file in all states that requires state tax filing. No matter where you are located, we can serve you with same high level of competency and expertise with personal proactive approach. What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and and energy we bring to each client relationship. KRUPP has a 99 percent retention rate. Typically we would understand each client’s situation on a personal level by due interaction so that not only we could provide him with various tax planning strategies but also ensure that client gets the benefit of all eligible and applicable deductions (including all components of Itemized Deductions”), credits and adjustments to income in order to legally minimize tax liability and potentially maximize the refund in a legal manner. We supports our clients all year long, even past  the tax season .

After tax filing season, we would offer free additional income tax planning service with a proactive approach to manage future deductions, exemption, with holdings, credits with a professional plan to put taxpayer in control. Additionally, if a client’s return is selected for audit for whatever reason we also offer additional representation services to advocate for the client before the IRS.

*** NOTICE ***

It has come to our notice after long presence in industry that there are many unscrupulous prepares operating in the industry who are not duly qualified and would lure innocent customers by promising them large refund and charge them high tax preparation fees. The tax filers in those cases get larger refund initially , however they are likely  audited by IRS later on & have to suffer with penalties and interest levied against them. Please be aware of those unqualified practitioners for your own safety!!!


At KRUPP, We have developed a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality of services we perform for our clients and charge reasonable fees. Please call us at (770) 881 8490 or at (646) 242-6955  send us email below to know the details of our service and fees. Please also click  at the link below to view the “Itemized Deductions checklist”, “other deductions checklist” and  “personal tax organizer”.


‘Itemized Deductions’ Checklist

Personal Tax Organizer

-‘Other Deductions’ Checklist

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